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“There are definitely things I’ve picked up over the course of Thrones. The physical stuff within a role is something I respond to anyway – I always enjoy that side of things. And it’s very much a part of who Jon Snow is – he doesn’t talk a lot but he speaks through his actions. I’ve really enjoyed getting into those bits, whether it’s rock climbing, ice climbing, sword fighting, horse riding. And not everyone in Thrones gets to do it.”


"My family’s really supportive. My mum, when I got down to the final seven for the character of Sansa Stark, said to my dad "I don’t know if we should let her do this." and my dad was like,"Any opportunity that any of the kids get, they have to take them." My dad has always been very supportive of everything that I do." - Sophie Turner  for Nylon Magazine Singapore (July 2014)

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